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Web Presence / SEO / SEM / CRO

Value – Achieve a high return on investment (ROI), increase your revenue, increase your customers, reinforce your brand (mindshare and market share), and minimize your overhead costs (efficient maintenance and monitoring operations). The first step is to develop a great web site.

We provide a Web Presence / SEO / SEM / Social Media / CRO roadmap to help you and your team(s) navigate through the challenging web marketing environment and get the competitive edge. Contact Us for more information.

Web Presence

An effective web presence includes several dynamic components. Not all components are useful for every organization, however they should at least be considered to establish if they should be used or not.

We help organizations consider each of these components carefully and then define effective strategies and tactics for each into an integrated web presence. We are constantly researching, using, and applying the latest tools, strategies, and tactics successfully. This saves you time and money.

  • Identity / Branding - how this is communicated throughout all channels - vertically and horizontally
  • Web site - design, content, structure, optimization for search engines
  • Mobile site / apps - affect on certain customers and search engines
  • Search Engines (SEO/SEM) - how to stay highly visible and address constantly changing S.E. algorithms
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - strategies and tactics to drive steadily increasing conversions
  • Indexes / Directories - best selections for your organization, how to avoid the bad ones
  • Alliances / Reciprocal links - best selections for your organization, how to avoid the bad ones
  • Social Media - where to start, how to use, best of class, tools, management, what to avoid
  • Email marketing - tools, methods, what to avoid
  • Newsletter marketing - tools, methods, what to avoid

Wisdom Matrix SEO SchematicSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

WMX is a Google Partner and uses multiple methods, technologies, and tools including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others to position our clients well.

CAUTION - it is highly recommended you do due diligence on this - many web developers do not do this process well and there are many scams out there. Excellent SEO requires constantly researched familiarity with search engine ranking methods. Search engines frequently change their programming algorithms to adjust to the changing market. Many developers try to sell you on "cookie cutter" methods and submitting your site to many search engines - this results in poor rankings and your wasted money.

See Google's cautions about finding a good SEO expert - Search Engine Optimizers, by Google

Our proven SEO / SEM / CRO process:

  1. Define SEO / SEM / CRO strategy and tactics. Assess your web site, content, goals, industry, customers, and competitors - and define the best strategy and tactics.
  2. Select Search Engines, Index, and/or Directories. Select appropriate online locations (engines, indexes, and/or directories) that your customers use most frequently.
  3. Optimize site. Integrate effective content, keywords, programming code, link strategies, and other key components that the algorithms of search engines, crawlers, and indexes use to rank sites. (see CAUTION above)
  4. Submit Site. Submit your web site to the selected search engines, indexes, and/or directories.
  5. Evaluate Results. Assess the results of the rankings and fine-tune the site to reach the desired results. The initial ranking usually takes 2 to 6 weeks due to the various registration methods.
  6. Monitor Site periodically. Continue to assess the rankings and adjust the site.

Wisdom Matrix SEO SchematicSocial Media 

Social media is all the rage. It must be assessed and used carefully. Social media takes time and constant attention.

It is not: If you build it they will come.

It is: If you build it, you must mow it.

We are experts in all aspects of social media, helping you to understand the hype, the tools, best practices, how to streamline your management of all the media, and what to avoid.

The Social Media scene is constantly changing, so one value we bring to our clients is our deep and updated knowledge about this field. We are constantly researching, using, and applying the latest tools, strategies, and tactics successfully. This saves you time and money.

Here are our seven proven steps to Social Media success.

  1. Assess if and how social media is useful
  2. Define your marketing objectives and metrics
  3. Understand social media
  4. Locate your customers and understand your competitors
  5. Create your policies and plan your resources
  6. Implement Social Media
  7. Assess and adjust

Reputation Management 

Your company’s reputation is extremely important. The web is driven by user created content which enables excellent opportunities to connect with potential and existing customers and the community. It also means that almost any type of information can be released on the web with minimal accountability.

The problem -- It only takes a few negative comments on the web to put your great reputation at risk. With all the social media, search engines, links, directories, websites, articles, media, and review sites out there that may have information about you, it is important to know what they are saying and address it quickly. How do you find all the information about you, and how to do you address it?

The approach – The goals of our aggressive web reputation management processes are to help you:

  1. Be aware of your overall web reputation.
  2. Be aware of the ongoing “buzz” about your company, services, and products.
  3. Use tools and tactics to find and address negative messaging.
  4. Use tools and tactics to proactively position positive messaging.
  5. Implement ongoing reputation management strategies and processes to stay ahead.

The solution – We assist you with selecting the best-in-class strategies, tactics, and tools that are optimally matched for your particular needs. We don’t lock you into proprietary tools and vendors from whom you then have difficulty extricating yourself.

If you already do have negative information out there on the web, we help you locate it and then articulate wise and strategic responses to position yourself in an increasingly positive light.

Tactics include:

  1. Analyze your current reputation.
  2. Define issues – prioritize high value problem areas ranging to low value problem areas.
  3. Create web strategies and tactics to address existing problems – pushing negative search engine rankings off, providing rebuttals to negative reviews, and having false information removed.
  4. Create web strategies and tactics to create a positive reputation – fresh content development, web presence positioning, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media positioning, blogs, articles, press releases, etc.
  5. Create web strategies and tactics to prevent future problems.
    • Content development and monitoring
    • Review site monitoring and responses
    • Public relations monitoring and responses
    • Social media monitoring and responses
    • Search engine monitoring and responses
    • Video monitoring and responses
    • Link building
    • Reputation building
  6. Select tools and implement internal processes – you do not need many tools to do all of this, you simply need the best tools.

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