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Protecting your privacy is of the highest importance to you and us. This policy is to help you understand how your personal and business information is gathered and used.

We do NOT disseminate ANY information about you or your company to other persons, companies, or entities without your permission. We NEVER sell or barter ANY information about you or your company to other persons, companies, or entities.


Scope and Nature of Policy


This Privacy Policy covers personally identifiable data collected from and about you - individuals who are clients and prospective clients of our business. "Personally identifiable data" means any data about an identified or identifiable individual that is recorded in any form.

Collection of Data

Types and Sources of Data Gathered

In the ordinary course of our business, we gather data about you and/or your company, including:

  • Information you provide, such as your name, business name, address(es), identification number(s), telephone number(s), fax number(s), e-mail address(es), and other information important to doing business with you;
  • Due diligence Information we receive from consumer reporting agencies, to determine your reliability, integrity, and creditworthiness.

We may gather "due diligence" information about you or your company from a variety of sources, including websites we operate, websites operated by others through which you maintain business information, and consumer reporting agencies.

Use of "Cookies"

We collect information with "cookies" about your use of our website only in the Client Login portion of our site. A "cookie" is a set of data that a website server stores on your computer. Cookies enable websites to recognize your computer and to "remember" your entries as you move from page to page, or even when you revisit the site from time to time using the same computer. Cookies stored on your computer by our website are encrypted. This means that they cannot easily be read by anyone other than our program.

We use two different types of cookies in Client Login section - no personal information is gathered or used, only information about the computer is gathered to identify the specific machine:

"Session cookies" track the user's progression through our sites in a single visit. These cookies enable us to remember things as the user progresses from one page to another. Your session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your browser. In addition, if you leave your browser open for a prolonged period, they are set to automatically erase themselves after a short period (typically less than one hour).

"Persistent cookies" remember a user at the user's next visit. Your persistent cookies are not automatically erased, and they remain on your computer until you erase them. (If you do not want these cookies to remain on your computer, you can erase them through use of your browser settings.)

Your browser or other software you install may permit you to restrict the use of session cookies, persistent cookies, or all cookies. If you elect not to permit the use of session cookies, you will not be able to use our VUE system in our Client Login section. If you elect not to permit the use of persistent cookies only, you may still enjoy the full functionality of our website; however, if you do so, you will need to re-enter some data when starting a new session.

Third Party Websites

Our websites may contain links to third party websites, which may or may not be operated in conjunction with our website. We do not monitor or control the information collected when you choose to "click through" links to these websites. The treatment of user data by the operators of third party websites may be different from ours. For details regarding their treatment of personally identifiable data about you, you will need to read their privacy policies or contact them.

Data Retention

While we generally retain personally identifiable data about you as long as we believe it will be useful to us, we do not retain personally identifiable data about you longer than the law of the country and state in which it is being retained permits. Currently, the principal place in which we retain personally identifiable data about you is the State of California, U.S.A.

Future Policy Changes

We make our Privacy Policy available on our website www.wisdommatrix.com. We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy in the future. If we make changes, we will insert a "Last Update" date on the top or cover page of our Privacy Policy.

If we change our Privacy Policy in a way that affects any personally identifiable data about you or your company, we will notify you and provide you with the opportunity to direct us how to make new uses of your information.

Applicable Laws

We do business in many countries and states. Depending on where your business is based, our collection and use of personally identifiable data about you may be governed by federal and state laws of the United States, the laws of other countries, or the Safe Harbor Principles. Where applicable, we will comply with such laws and the Safe Harbor Principles regarding our collection and use of personally identifiable data about you and will limit any disclosures of information accordingly.

Due Diligence Referrals

We disclose due diligence contact and referral information about our clientele services to prospective clients only in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We must be in a mode of serious consideration by a potential client prior to submitting due diligence client referral information - this protects our clientele from excessive contacts.

Customer Questions

If you have questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.